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Barbeque Beef Kabobs - Famous BBQ in Maryland, DC, and Virginia





Barbeque Beef Kabobs - Famous BBQ in Maryland, DC, and Virginia











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Serve tasty, southern-style BBQ at your next special event by choosing our catering company in the Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC area featuring an amazing barbecue menu. Dixie Pig Bar-Be-Que is the name you need to know if you want to serve mouthwatering Pig Roasting BBQ, at your next special event. Contact us for more information about the famous BBQ on our barbecue menu.

Your Choices
When you choose Dixie Pig Bar-Be-Que to cater your next event, you will see that we provide you with several barbecue menu options to choose from. We grill up everything, from BBQ spare ribs and chicken to BBQ pork and venison as well as the best and tastiest Pig Roasting you will ever have the pleasure of trying.


Southern-Style BBQ:
• Minced BBQ
• Beef
• Pork Shoulders
• Smoked Turkey, Duck or Goose
• Venison to Veal       

• BBQ Spare Ribs
• BBQ Chicken          

  • BBQ Pig Roasting


BBQ Ribs - Barbecue Menu in Capitol Heights, MD

Side Dishes
At Dixie Pig Bar-Be-Que, we know what side dishes compliment any type of BBQ. Our barbecue menu features a great selection of traditional BBQ side dishes, including homemade potato salad and delicious corn on the cob in season.

Side Dish Options:

 Homemade Potato Salad •  Coleslaw • Cooked Greens or GreenBeans • BBQ Beans • Corn on the Cob • Vegetable bean Medley

Call us today at (888) 381-5970, to learn more about our barbecue menu options.